Dear friends,

I have a very important message for you.

Things are about to change with Cheryl, the farm, and the CSA.

As many of you know, Cheryl has weathered some significant changes in her life over the last few years. Her personal life shifted. She was in a horrible car accident. At the same time, she moved onto a larger farm and started to significantly grow her business. Now, after two surgeries and a back procedure, while things seemed to be getting better for a while, Cheryl's doctors have advised her to get out of farming. Things aren't going to improve any more. Simple things like opening and closing the gates are causing problems with her recovery. Cheryl did everything she possibly could to keep the operation running. She needs to rest and the farm doesn't allow it.

The farm itself will be leased to somebody else. Cheryl is still trying to sort out her next steps including where she, and some of her animals, will go. There is a lot of inventory right now with much more coming soon.

I have said many times, "Now would be a great time to fill your freezer!" Well, realistically, now is really the best time to be filling your freezer. Cheryl is adamant that the CSA commitments will be honored. If you are a CSA member, please come by the Proctor Farmers Market this Saturday, or in the coming weeks to pick up meat and clear those balances. Zach will continue to work the farmers market for the foreseeable future, but your options will be best right now.

Do you want to help? Buy pork. Buy beef. Buy veal. See what's in the freezers and get adventurous.

Come to the farmers market.

If you have absolutely any questions, please send them my way.

Thank you for supporting Cheryl the Pig Lady,

Derek Young